In the darknet, software for quick evisceration of ATMs is sold inexpensively

Kaspersky Lab reported that the Cutlet Maker malware is being sold on the “dark” Internet at a price of $ 5 thousand. It turns ATM hacking from a long painstaking process into a relatively simple procedure. The criminal knows in advance which tape is best to start with.

Cutlet Maker in the darknet

Malware Cutlet Maker, designed to steal money from ATMs, can be freely purchased on the “dark” Internet, Kaspersky Lab reports. The price tag of one of the offers is $ 5 thousand.

According to the “Laboratory”, Cutlet Maker offers detailed instructions with which it will not be difficult for a criminal to withdraw money from an ATM if he has physical access to the device. The program separately shows data for each cassette of the device, telling how many banknotes they contain and what denomination. As a result, the criminal does not empty the cassettes at random, but immediately starts with the most profitable cell for him.

Thus, with Cutlet Maker, a long and thorough preparation is no longer needed to rob an ATM. The relative ease of hacking a device using this software generates new risks for financial institutions, warns the Laboratory. According to Konstantin Zykov, a senior analyst at the company, Cutlet Maker interacts with the software and hardware of the ATM without any problems.